SOCIAL – living together in communities; close aggregate; an organized group.

DISORDER – a breach of civil order or peace; public disturbance; confusion

ORDER – the existing structure of a given society and the relations thereby defined among individuals and classes comprising it.

We’ve lived in so much generational disorder that it has become the norm for our society. The “abnormal” has become normal. We have conformed to poverty, dishonesty, jealously, hatred, disrespect, evil intent, molestation, incest, and the list goes on and on…As a society we are not moved by the blatant confusion that invades our inner peace day by day. Let’s allow the seven spheres of time to shock our intelligence a little.

Of Every Second; Of Every Minute; Of Every Hour; Of Every Day; Of Every Week; Of Every Month; Of Every Year; Some force of disorder occurs!

The momentum is so consistently increasing that our “society” as a whole feels there is nothing that can stop, change, or even ease the pressure of the destructive pleasures expressed through the human will. There is a One World View that has come into place and it is this:

EVERY sector of life in this nation and around the world experiences “Social Disorder”.

The mindset of “Every man to himself,” has become the common and acceptable way of thought and has strongly filtered its way into the Body of Christ. There is a great dilemma on OUR hands true enough but not without a remedy. By our hands, I’m referring to the “Body of Christ”. This living entity that Jesus the Christ died for. This organism that has taken on all of the intellectual diseases inhabited in the sin nature of man has come to look like the world; it was meant to bring powerful change.
The “Ecclesia was established through Christ to overthrow the powers of darkness and with the piercing power of the Holy Spirit, to set up unstoppable satellites of His kingdom around the globe. This judicial order is to dominate, govern, and bear rule over the regions of this worlds’ system in executing with such order and power the glory that Jesus Christ release upon her at His ascension.
We are in no wise making light of the Body of Christ. We are in no wise bashing the Body of Christ. We are boldly bringing a clear cut awareness of where we are at this present moment. Truly what we now see is not what forever will be. We must be able to boldly confront where we are in order to tenaciously change and move forward.

Remember Hebrews chapter 10:5 clearly states:

“Wherefore when he came into the world, he said……., but a body have you prepared me.”

This is not the body he himself was given through the physical womb of Mary but the one birth out through the piercing of his side at Golgotha. Father God will not give his Son anything less of what he died for. So when you read Ephesians 5:26-27 you clearly see the powerful transformation God the Father will present unto himself. So CHANGE IS INEVITABLE if we are going to bring tangible order to our global society.
Expect to be confronted, awed, angered, and yes baffled when you recognize the “social disorder” in your own back yard while at the same time challenged to wake up and do what we are commanded to do. The worlds’ governmental systems can’t do it, won’t do it, and were not designed to be the answers to the, Social Disorder, Economic Disaster, Educational Dysfunction, and the Judicial Delusion we face in our world today.

From Gods Spiritual Governmental Order we will:

(a)Clearly define each point of reference.
(b)Clearly define where the problem lies.
(c)Know how to clearly execute an eternal resolve.

It’s Time for War!