So you have arrived at The A.I.M. Global Network website. This is not by accident. Yes, you have heard those words before. That’s fine. This can be truly stated, and boldly spoken because we have endeavored to bring to you that which will challenge the way you think about your very existence in this world.

Our global societies have taken on a multitude of faces throughout the generations and have now brought to us a clear and distinct pattern of where we are and how we’ve truly arrived here.

We are The A.I.M. Global Network. (Apostles In Motion)…

We are here to challenge the arena of the mind, and bring “thought patterns” into a place of reality and accountability. For what we see in our societies today with all its chaos, confusion, death, etc., even the light of hope in the midst of hopelessness is a result of how we think!!!

A.I.M. Global Network is in the earth to target: Social Disorder, Educational Dysfunction, Economic Disaster, and Judicial Delusion. We are the Kingdom Of God in the earth, so as we bring to the forefront what is before us we are not trying to stuff you with information to enlarge your intellect. We endeavor to confront the reality of what will be revealed; sound an alarm that will confront you to become involved; and implement strong, strategic order to bring about change.

This is not for the timid, weak minded, or those who love to talk about great ideas but never do anything. We are an “Apostolic” people. We are under the Office of Apostleship in Christ Jesus our Lord. We have a mandate. We will fulfill it. All who have an ear to hear let him understand and take action. As time continues to evolve into the “eternal order” of God, we will unfold the mysteries of why “WE” the Kingdom Of God are in the earth as it is in Heaven. Strap yourself down for the launch; the countdown has begun.


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